Consulting Services

We help businesses find the balance between profit and purpose.

Consulting Services

First consultation on any service is 30 minutes, and absolutely free! We don’t believe in selling a product or service, but rather we want to solve problems and meet needs! Tell us the frustrations and pain points of your business, the issues that keep you up at 3am. We are here to make business easier, simpler, better! We will do an analysis from the top down to see what is working, what appears to not be working, and offer a plan of action to get you on track with where you want to be!

For Consultative Services after first meeting it is $250 per meeting for up to 2 hours of time. You can also put us on a retainer fee at a rate of $500 per month for a subscription based monthly payment or it goes down to $400 per month if you commit to 3 months. Retainer includes 4, 1-2 hour meetings per month. You can schedule them weekly or separate as you need and can also combined to have longer meetings if necessary.

Services offered: Operations implementation, Branding/Marketing, Business/Employee coaching and development, Financial analysis, Fast Track Program, Custom Business Plans, and more!

Fast Track Program

So many business owners have an idea or vision and passion, but do not know how to put that onto paper and into a plan. We are here to help businesses start on the “Fast Track to Success”. We charge a

$250 fee that includes your state business filing, as well as a 1 hour consultation.

Fee may vary depending on the complexity and cost of filings needed. 

Custom Written Business Plans

Having a solid business plan is like having a blueprint to a house. You need to have a clear path and vision on how you are going to go from point A-B. It’s great if you want to achieve a multi six figure income for your business, or that you want to achieve a certain award status for your business but how are you going to get there? That is where we at RedFinn Global step in to support owners by helping them establish a 1, 3, and 5 year plan.

Business plans start out at $500 and fee may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the plan desired/needed.

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